John Darnielle “aggravated by anti-choice legislation”

Leaning on something: guaranteed 100% successful method of reducing flight anxiety. 


Complete accident, but I find it really funny. @nikkipthepunk was figuring out my camera. #JohnDarnielle #mountaingoats

I’ve seen a few things in my time, let me tell you. Most of them, admittedly, pictures of John Darnielle leaning on things. But nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing JD leaning with a fan. Superb. 


a really great night. thank you @monsterhat for coming down here. what an amazing experience.

His face just screams “yep, you know it. leaning. all over that table. oh yeah.”


John and Lalitree Darnielle

Lalitree leans on John leans on table. What a time to be alive. 


Paused a video of houseguest, result: jd looking like some demon in the shadows.


"An Evening of Awesome" was one year ago today at Carnegie Hall. One of the best night’s of my life.

Pictured here from l to r: John Wurster, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Neil Gaiman, Hank Green, John Darnielle, John Green, Kimya Dawson, Ashley Clements, Daniel Gordh, and me.

Wearing my awesome Kimya Dawson socks today in honor of the occasion.

In among the crowd of famous faces, John Darnielle never fails to lean, here on another John. Bravo, Johns! Bravo all.  


john darnielle (mountain goats), february 2011

why, cause he just released a new song, and it is worth a listen

Hm, is he really leaning here? File this one under ‘questionable’. 


I don’t remember putting this in my bookmarks, but I’m so so glad it is

Uhh… huh.